Online OSHA 10 Hour Training and How to Get it A.S.A.P.

| July 9, 2013

If you work in the construction business, and need to get your OSHA 10 hour training card to show you are trained in construction safety you will be happy to know that you can get the training, either online or in-person through a provider who is OSHA accepted.

The primary reason to get your OSHA 10 Hour training online is for the convenience. But, there are also other benefits as well:

  • The course can be taken immediately without the necessity to wait for a class to begin
  • Training can be done at your own pace, so you can take a break from your training when you want
  • You can review the OSHA 10 hour course material as often as you need
  • The online course is easy to use, even if you’re not savvy on the computer
  • You don’t have to take time off from your employment to take the training

OSHA 10 Hour Training Online vs. In Class

Typically, the OSHA 10 hour training takes two five-hour days to complete, and construction workers have to wait until live courses are scheduled in their area. For this reason OSHA has made the course available online so the benefits can extend to all workers.

Approval of Trainers for the OSHA 10 Hour Training Course 

Online trainers have to be approved by the OSHA, and there are strict requirements before they can offer the class. The online trainer has to:

  • Follow the outline of the course that the OSHA provides for them
  • Submit their course to OSHA to review it, before they can start teaching.
  • Update and make necessary changes when there are new requirements
  • Have an OSHA certified trainer available to answer any questions students have. 

OSHA 10 Hour Training State Requirements

A number of government agencies, states, and independent jobs require that construction workers complete the course before they can even start working on a job site. Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, and Mass., also require an OSHA 10 card for any workers on publicly funded projects.

The OHSA 10 Hour Training Card 

Workers who complete the course and all of its requirements receive a wallet sized card from the Department of Labor as proof that they have completed their training. Workers who take the course online receive the same card as those who take it in class.


If you’re ready to get your OSHA 10 hour training card, we always have specials because we know how tough times are, especially for workers who need the training to get a job. Enroll now at Safety Online Network ( for online course.

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