Corporate Training Solutions

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Corporate Training Solutions

Corporate Training and Management Development – Overview

If you have multiple students, SafetyOnlineNetwork has many corporate training and management development options to help you provide the company training you need with the services, support and dependability you must have.

Online Safety Training

We have over 250 online Safety and Health courses and hundreds of ethics and compliance courses available for corporate training, so you can deliver the OSHA safety or annual compliance training your organization needs.


Employee training has never been easier.  Our subscription allows your employees unlimited access to the course library for a full year.  We have a large set of libraries to chose from, all geared to meet the needs of specific industries or specialties.

Students can access all the employee training courses in the library as often as they like – complete a course to earn a certificate, or reference a part of a course for specific information.

Use subscriptions for professional training, safety training, or yearly employee training.  Each student will have individual access to the courses in the library with their own unique user ID and password.

Subscriptions can cover:

  • Construction Safety
  • New Employee Orientation
  • General Industry Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Development

Group Discounts – Save Up to 30%

The SafetyOnlineNetwork offers group discounts for groups as small as 5 students.  Everyone gets individual access to their own course, just at a great price.  All the benefits of online training are included, including the ability for each student to go at their own pace, 24 hour student support, and individual certificates or OSHA cards, depending on the course.

The more people that sign up, the larger the discount!

Company Solutions

Does your company have specific training needs? Why not talk to one of our Corporate Training Specialists to help design a program for you?

Our Company Training Solutions are the most robust, feature filled services we offer – Customized specifically for your organization. We start with a thorough business learning needs assessment to help you select the best solution for your situation and budget. We then demo all the features to show you the many benefits of a customized comprehensive training solution. Finally, we work with you to develop the perfect company training program for your situation.

Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a fully hosted platform providing an integrated, LMS service for managing learning and content across your entire organization.

Our LMS Service Features:

  • Fully redundant web-hosting at a tier-one data center of all courses and LMS platform
  • Toll free phone and email support for users (24/7) and administrators (8AM-6PM CST)
  • Automated enrollment for individuals, groups or the whole organization
  • 50+ performance, utilization and registration reports and a custom report builder
  • Full administrator and learner level password protected access to the LMS
  • Many More…

Full Course Catalog

You can also browse our Full Course Catalog to see all the different courses you may need.